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Ah, que alívio, amanhã é a última prova!!!
Hoje vou postar um texto que fiz para a aula de inglês. O tema era descrever o sistema brasileiro de educação (em inglês, é claro).
O resultado está aí, vou colocar ele com os erros mesmo, em itálico, e colocar ao lado, entre parênteses,a forma correta. O comentário da professora foi: "Excellent, clear, few mistakes. Keep like that". Ah, eu merecia uma estrelinha, vai? rs


Injustice. This words surrounds the brazilian educational system. I'll show my opinion with a metaphorical story:

John and Peter are friends. They live in the same neighborhood, but they have so many differences:

John is rich, studies at a private school, is as intelligent as lazy. Pter is a hard work guy, he studies at a state school, there are always fights, the teachers don't go to the school and, even when they go, the classes are very 'poor'. Peter knew that, he always studied thinking about the vestibular, he knew he was in disvantage, but not for too long. His hard study made him very smart, he wasn't one of the most intelligent, but always got an A grade.

Finishing the high school Peter was very, very worried because his parents couldn't pay a preparatory course; They (his parents) said that he always studied very hard and the quotation could help him. He was not exactly confident, but he thought he could do it. Meanwhile, John was learning everything that his lazyness stole him in all these years. He worked hard for eight months and was able to learn everything.

In the day of the test Peter and John met Davis, a guy that studied all this years in a state school, but always took rebuilding classes and did preparatory course, also.

They took the test and meet(met) each other three months after this day, they went to see the results.

John passed, not at first, but passed. Davis did not do exactly a good test, but with the quotation he was almost the first. Well... Peter was very close... But didn't passed at all.

A couple of years later they met each other again. Davis and John were bad at college. Peter was dead, he killed himself. Both met at his funeral.
(end of the story)

With this little story I wanted to say:
  1. One day to prove your skills is very unfair
  2. Some quotations helps who doesn't need it.
  3. Government should improve the quality of its(the) schools... or create its own(sem sugestão de correção)(and free) preparatory course.


Eu escrevi com um pouco de pressa o finalzinho, talvez por isso tenha ficado ruim, acabei ficando por último na sala.
Uél, gud bái.

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